Game of the Night

Wigan Athletic v. Liverpool FC
1-nil FT
With the latest craze of my hectic life, I have totally deprived of footy.  Now that it's the start of Spring Break, I get to catch up on my much missed sport.

Like most matches, the referees are the ones who dictate the match and make me frusturated.  From the moment right after kickoff, the refs were blowing the game in favour of Wigan.  Clearly they weren't fans of Liverpool!

Just before the 33', there were already three yellows for the Reds!  OK, Emiliano Insua's was worth a yellow, but Lucas Leiva and Sotirios Kyrgiakos did not deserve theirs!
All the reffing and calls made were just foreshadow to what happend at 35'.  Dirk Kuyt basically gift-wrapped the ball and gave it away to the Latics!  An unmarked Hugo Rodallega merely tapped the ball in past an unsuspecting Pepe Reina to give Wigan the first goal.

As the game wore on, the play in which Insua was playing at was not to par at what he should be playing.  He fell behind his mark and allowed players to beat him.  Clearly, he wasn't the one to start tonight.  But instead, it was Lucas who got replaced with Glen Johnson.

Torres had this one brilliant at 76', but his flip kick went just wide of the far post, and maybe the Wigan keeper got his fingers on it.  Brilliant cross by Insua just went to waste.

I could not believe my lucky stars that no one from the Reds could level the pitch.  Not even a point out of this match!  Incredulous!  No one was really playing to their full effort, and only half the squad was really wanted to play.  The rest of the lot just slumped around!

Again, I am shocked to see what Liverpool have become in the past season.  Did we build the pedestal too high up?  Was the fall just too big?





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