Homeward Bound

And home did our team come.  After a gruelling 14-game road-trip that took a span of nearly a month (minus the Olympic break), the men and boys of the Vancouver Canucks have finally touched home.  Okay, rationally, a good handful of them came back during the break, but as a team, today was the first.

But that doesn't mean just that.  Today, Canucks' captain and 2010 gold-medalist Roberto Luongo carried the Paralympic torch down the streets of his beloved city.  He got the biggest 'Luuuuuu...~!' cheer since the day he won the gold-medal.

Carrying the torch was an honour very special for Louie.  A player so connected to the city (which Canucks aren't?) and so idolised, it was just befitting for someone like Luongo got to carry the torch.  The Canucks (along with many volunteers) take time to volunteer at Canucks Place (a children's hospice) and BC Children's hospital.  And when time isn't available for them, they make the most generous of donations.

No, not money (though that is a contribution they make) - a smile.

Then there are the other returning boys - the Vancouver Giants.

After having to relocate to Langley for a couple of weeks and go on a lot more road-trips, the Giants of Vancouver are finally coming back to the Coliseum!  Meaning, I can go to their games again!

The time they spent in Langley and on the road was not to their chagrin though.  During their road-trip, they became closer than ever (which could be slightly scary if you knew them) and the close proximity of the fans to the ice at Langley made them feel at home at the foreign arena.

But as much as they had, I'm happy they're coming back home because I missed seeing their games!

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