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Liverpool v. Sunderland @ Anfield
3-nil FT
This past season hasn't been going all to the Reds' wishes.  We were knocked out of the Champions League early and their performance in the Premier League hasn't been going exactly spectacular.  8 points out of the top 4, Liverpool would have to win basically all of their upcoming matches to reach and stay in the top 4 and keep our future Champions League dreams alive.

Everything comes down to now and to reach that, Liverpool is going to have to change their mindset a wee.

Not even at the 4', Liverpool have already struck!  A near to impossible angle, El Niño netted his 6th goal in 4 games.  Way out in the left wing, Fernando Torres knew exactly where that ball was going to go.  Not even bothering to lift his head up, he knew where he was to the goal, he connected boot to ball and Kopites watched as the ball flew into the far, top corner.

The Reds put their second half (which is usually their best half) first.  Many chances opened up and the ball was kept in the Mackems' end.  Sunderland was limited to just 2 good scoring chances in the first half, both of them being turned away by either the Red keeper, Pepe Reina, or by the solid defence.

At the 32' Liverpool was awarded yet another corner.  Steven Gerrard's great delivery into the box failed to connect with anyone, but the loose ball was collected by Glen Johnson at the top of the box and kept in.  Johnson's powerful left boot connected perfectly with the balloon and it went hard and straight into the back of the Sunderland net.

By half-time, Sunderland had themselves a bit of a hole to dig out of.  Liverpool had to come back from the tunnel keeping in mind that it was still a 'nil-nil' match.  Many times before had they been caught lazing and it put them into the spot that they're in.  As long as they kept competing, the lead they had shouldn't be a problem.

And that's just what they did.  Back from the tunnel, Torres netted yet another goal to give himself yet another 20+ goal season.  Calm, cool, and collected were the perfect words to describe the play.  Johnson sent the ball into the box for Torres, and with a cool head, he took his time in placing the ball exactly where he wanted it.  A flip over the sprawled defender and the back of the mesh rippled with what was now a 3-nil lead.

For the rest of the game, Liverpool did not let up on the 13th placed squad.  That was the type of football that they had to play, and anything less would not be deemed worthy of the Liverpool crest.

Man of the Match: Fernando Torres
He is not my man of the match for just his two goals in today's match.  He is the MoM because of the confidence he exuberated during the match.  Not many could say that they knew where the goal and the ball was, and where that ball would be headed.  Okay, many could say that, but not as many could connect the thought and the delivery together.  Torres did exactly that.

A close second and third to the title was Dirk Kuyt and Steven Gerrard respectively.

This is dedication.  When you stand behind your club for OWNERSHIP - not just players

Your Man of the Match

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