One of Many

What does it mean to be part of a team?  Be you on a sports team, group project, or any other team you can think of, there are some qualities that are found/needed to be part of functioning team.

Being part of many teams of many kinds, I know what it takes to be part of a team.  Albeit, there are sometimes I forget that, but there are people there to remind me that I am part of a team.  Them being there is one.

So, what does it mean to be a member of a team?  Many things, but there are a few that some tend to forget.

Selflessness.  Simple as that.  To put others ahead of yourself.  A little incidence on a team of mine brought this trait to my attention.  Being part of a team, you have taken the responsibility to play your role to the best of your abilities.  You also promise to show up to practice, games/performances, and think of others and not just yourself.

Why do I urge people to be reminded of this?  Because when you don't show up (physically, mentally, or emotionally), you are letting down your team.  When you don't show up, you are willingly giving your position up for someone else.

Repect.  Now, you'd think this would come easily, but apparently it's harder for some than others to be so.  By giving respect, you are letting others have the ability to trust in you.  When you trust in each other, you make a stronger team.  And a stronger team wins the ultimate prize.

If I have your respect, I expect you to be there, perform, and keep your head in check.  Don't be a jerk and leave your team to dry.  At least 24 hours notice would be nice!

Sportsmanship.  And this applies whether you're on a sports team or not.  Sportsmanship is what I think the epitome of what a team and its members should be.  In one word, you sum up the commitments, promises, and respect you owe your team.

When you don't show up with qualities similar to these, you are a person lacking in depth and true sports mentality.  When you don't show up, you put the responsibilities on everyone else.

On a personal note, I do not like getting someone else's work dumped on me.  Unless I offer, do what is expected of you.  Don't make me or anyone else have to learn something completely new to them to cover your sorry bottom.

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