Tupper Tigers - Hear the ROARS!

As the 2009-10 school year nears an end in about 2 months, I'd like to give a mention to the brilliance that is our school and the brilliance it gives as we near the end.

In June, we'll say hello to exams and massive study parties (that don't have anything to do with studying) and cram sessions.  June is also the month we say goodbye to our grads and some of our good friends.  But that leaves the whole world at their feet and a foundation to come back to.

But before they depart and we overdo ourselves with the studying, there are some festitivies and brilliance to share and celebrate in. 

First, a congratulations to all of the Sir Charles Tupper winter sports teams (basketball and wrestling).  But extra shout-outs to a few more specific teams.

To our Bantam (Gr. 8) boys' basketball team: Major congratulations for finishing 7th in the BC Provincial Championship!  In round 1, they defeated Pitt Meadows 56-47.  24 hours later, they were taking on Walnut Grove and that would be their defeat, a lost 67-52.

In the same day, they were faced with the boys of Chief Dan George.  Not out of it till the last day, Tupper took on their last opponent, Delta.  A win would win them 7th and a loss would give them 8th.  With a 70-64 win, Tupper finished 7th in BC.

Thank you Mr Mullen, members and parents of the bantam boys team, the managers that helped, and the fans that made every school hear our ROAR!  And an another 'congrats' to DJ Sugue for being named to the 2nd all-star team

To our Senior boys' basketball team: You guys know how special and how much I care about you guys.  Not just the team, but also as friends.  For 4 years, I watched my friends develop into great players and persons.  It was all going to pay off during the Provincials.

Being a AA school (we're a pretty small school), we were looking to come out of our division.  But our senior boys got to play in the AAA provincials and prove how brilliant we are.

Our first tip-off was against Argyle, and boy it should've been ours.  79-77 was the score at the final buzzer.  It should've been ours and that finish was not how we'd like to start off.

A day later, Tupper took on Walnut Grove, and came in with a screeching 92-73 finish.  We were to take on Clayton Heights.  In that match, Clayton found themselves on the losing end of a 76-61 game.  While Clayton was out of contention, Tupper had to tip-off with Burnaby South for 6th and 8th place.

Giving everyone a run for their money, Burnaby South lost 62-68 and Tupper was given 6th place in BC!

Not everyone expected us to be there, and not everyone expected us to get that far.  But being the tigers that we are, we clawed and fought our way to the top and put our name along those bigger than ours.  Just goes to show you that even the little guys (no pun intended) are great.

Thank you so much Coach Gourley!  You took time out of your day to coach our boys and I more than commend you for that.  Thank you to our managers, players and parents of our team, and the fans that came out for every match to make the Agrodome rumble with the Tupper ROAR!

To our wrestling team: Congrats for finishing 5th in the province in BC!  Being their manager for a short while, I saw the potential in our team.  As the season ended, that greatness developed and now the team is 5th.  CONGRATS!  And thank you Mr Hughes for being there to teach the team your amazing ways!

Now for those who fancy the arts, the Tupper Theatre Company's production will be hitting the Tupper stage on March 30, 31 and April 1.

What is the production?  Murder in the Knife Room - a comedy by J. Rand.

Please come!  I can assure you that no matter what, you will have a blast!  With our actors being part of the program since grade 8 and being hand-picked by our drama teacher and director, they will deliver a star-studded performance.  (Trust me, watching their dress rehersals, there is amazingness to be found!)

Doors open at 6:30 PM; show at 7 PM.  Tickets are $5 in advance, $7 at the door.  So come get your tickets because they run out quick!

For tickets, please contact:  addy.estrada@gmail.com
Or come to Tupper and ask any member of the Tupper Theatre Company

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