Bye, Bye Mr Tkachuk

Not much can be said about Ketih Tkachuk.  Maybe a couple of pointers on how to say his name properly, but other than that, his play pretty much says it all.

Now you may be asking, "Why in the world am I blogging about Keith Tkachuk?"  Well the answer to your question is the big break news of his soon-to-be reitrement.

Over his 20 year career, Tkachuk has raked up the points and games.  Playing with the Winnipeg Jets, Phoenix Coyotes, St. Louis Blues, and his brief stint as a member of the Atlanta Thrashers, many players and teams were able to play with the great leader that is Tkachuk.  He also represented the USA on the world stage 6 times, 4 times in the Olympics.

As the season wines down for the St. Louis Blues, many eyes will be on the man from Boston.  But not all endings are sad.

Many of the youngin's he palyed with remember watching him and wishing they were him.  Now they've had the opportunity to play with him and they couldn't ask for a better experience.

To quote David Perron:
I still remember buying some Keith Tkachuk apparels when I was 9 years old...never thought I would play with him, what an honor!

Though his great NHL career comes to an end, life continues on for Tkachuk.  His wife and kids await him and a great opportunity to spend time with the family awaits him.  And there's always that possibility of him coming back as an executive...

TSN/ESPN awaits you, Keith Tkachuk!

NHL article

*Quote source from Perron's official Twitter

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