Game of the Night (Pt. I)

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Game 3: Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens @ The Bell Centre
5-1 Final

The series was shifted north of the border to la Belle Province, Quebec; more over Montreal.  And tied at 1-1, the Habs looked to take the came from the newly awaken Caps.  But the game didn't pan out that way.

After 13 shots over the course of 40 minutes, Halak allowed 3 goals.  More specifically, 3 on 6 shots in the second period!  Carey Price came in relief of Halak, and allowed a puck into his net after 8 shots of his own.  But that wasn't all that happened.

Early in this game, Canadiens lost discipline quick.  A total of 24 PIM were handed to the Habs in this game, and they payed the price.

I can't say more than the Habs played a horrible game tonight.  They allowed the Caps to push them to the outside, and they didn't control the game.  Washington was allowed to dictate the speed and played the puck like the dominating team they were tonight.  Montreal lost all composure and didn't give themselves a chance to get back in it to win it.

Now the question has arised in Montreal.  Who will be the goalie in net for game 4?  Price or Halak?  Will the Price be right, or can we hope for the Slovakian to get back in it to win it?

What I want to happen in the Montreal changing room is a wake-up shake-up.  Jacques Martin, run them hard, make them learn the speed and puck, and make sure their heads are in the game!  And don't forget - DISCIPLINE!  Taking stupid penalties against the Capitals isn't the smartest of moves to make.

3 stars:
1) Semyon Varlamov
2) Brooks Laich
3) Tom Poti
(I'm not going to disagree with any of these.  The Capitals played a better game than the Habs.)

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