Game of the Night

(The save of the series!)
2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Game 6: Vancouver Canucks vs. LA Kings @ Staple Center
4-2 Final; Series won by Vancouver 4-2

After the technical difficults CBC had with the camera/feed were fixed and the headache it induced me with was dealt with, the Canucks looked to put an end to the Kings' playoff run.

And for the record books, I CALLED IT!  I, ADDIE E, CALLED IT!  I said Vancouver in 6, and what happened?  VANCOUVER IN 6!

Both teams looked good 5-on-5, but the Kings had a strong point at the beginning.  But they just kept on shooting themselves in the foot with stupid penalties.  But then they got that early goal and they started to settle down.

For two periods, Vancouver had really good PK and half-decent PP, but with those rising special teams, the 5-on-5 play died down a wee.  Canucks were held in their own end for a lot of the time, and when they had chances, they weren't as successful.  The main problem was the lost game of the Sedin's.  They didn't feel comfortable and it looked like it.  Finding their feet was hard for them, and only had a couple of good shifts out of many.

But... KEVIN BIEKSA GOT HIS FIRST CAREER PLAYOFF GOAL!  Out of 19 post-season games played, Bieksa has never scored a goal, and tonight, he got that.  And it was BIEKSALLENT!

(Now that's off my chest) I have to give Quick props though.  After that embarrassing lost a couple of nights ago, he came into this game and played his part very well.  But his inexperience got to him.  But the whole Kings team was brilliant all series!  For such youth and non playoff experience, they were more than anyone expected!  And they were the dark horse in this and gave the Canucks quite a run for their money through games 2 and 3.

Vancouver played through the biggest adversities and overcame them all as this series came to an end.  And like last year's round 1, Alex Burrows got the final goal (finally).

Now... I'm off to celebrate.  PEACE OUT DAWGS!  And thank you LA Kings for a brilliant series.

3 stars:
1) Daniel Sedin
2) Roberto Luongo
3) Drew Doughty

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