It's Been a Long Time. It's Been a Long Time.

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Game 6: San Jose Sharks vs. Colorado Avalanche @ Pepsi Center
5-2 Final; Sharks win series 4-2

(Lyrics from Forever the Sickest Kids, 'Whoa Oh (Me vs. Everybody)')

After countless of playoffs not making it quite far, the Sharks finally put the foot on the gas and pushed to the second round and look to go further this time around.

The Avalanche didn't make it easy.  The Sharks can thank them for a brilliant first round, and the Avs are certainly not going to forget this one.

Tribute to the Avs:
After a disappointing season last year, the Avs shocked a lot of people and made their way into the playoffs as the 8th seeded team.  The young Avalanche played their great talent for the NHL stage to see, and everyone's heads turned.

Avs came in with incredible faith in many people that they could make it to round 2, but they were stopped a couple of nights ago, and again tonight.  Though youth and natural energy are big pluses, sometimes they can be a draw-back.  The young, youthful Colorado team fell short in experience.  And in the playoffs, experience comes in mighty handy.

I'm predicting a rather good run from the Avs next season.  Especially with the players they've got, they're going to be one hungry team next season.

But now, the winning team:
San Jose wanted it.  After a nightmare of an OT lost, they picked their game back up and started winning.  I guess that kick in the can was more than they wanted, but it worked.

All they wanted was to make it to the second round again.  And that they did.  No more major disappointment of another season wasted; they've made it round 2.  And now they look to make it past that.

Evgeni Nabokov got out of his typical April/May slump and helped lift his team to where they are now.  The rest of the Sharks picked up their duties, and diamonds in the rough have revealed themselves to the shining sun.

Scoring from everyone is essential, and so are special teams.  Though the special teams haven't kicked it up a notch, their scoring depth has.  No longer is the top line the major threat at the net, but Little Joe - Joe Pavelski - is instead.

The question is, can they continue being as good as they are now in the second round?

3 stars:
1) Joe Pavelski
2) Ryan Clowe
3) Marek Svatos

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