It's Not a Dream Anymore; It's Worth Fighting For

(Paramore's "Looking Up" is the title.)

First round matchup: Detroit Red Wings

Oh, what a way to come back to the playoffs since 2002.  After a couple of season of disappointments, they've proved so many people wrong by finishing 4th in the West.  The Phoenix Coyotes fought through ownership battles, re-location rumours, and money issues to come out with the 3rd most points in the West, but it wasn't enough to top their division rivals, the San Jose Sharks.

But for their hard work and excellent efforts, they've got one of the best teams in the NHL: the Detroit Red Wings.  What better way to welcome an 8 year disappearance from the playoffs than playing the team that made the finals twice in the past 2 years, and winning the cup the year before?

There are many things I can go on about.  The one thing that I'd like to bring to everyone's attention is the goaltending situation.

Jason LaBarbera has proved himself an excellent back up, and Ilya Bryzgalov has emerged as an excellent goalie for the Desert Dogs.  Before when Bryzgalov wasn't one the one to take his team far, he has proven everyone wrong and helped lift his team out of the sand and onto the ice.

Goaltending is just the start.  The emergence of all their forwards went to show that a team doesn't need no stars to be good (maybe even great).  And just because of that, they've basically won the title for underdog story of the season!

For those who like the underdogs, this is a story to follow and maybe the team for you to cheer for.  Then again, they're up against the Red Wings.  That's enough said.  But I don't doubt that these Yotes will give Detroit a big run for their big money.

One of their goalies that could help them raise the cup:

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