Les nouvelles

  • The NHL lottery was held today!  And we have the first 14 pickers and choosers for the 2010 Entry Draft being held in LA.
    • 1st: Edmonton Oilers; 2nd: Boston Bruins (via Toronto); 3rd: Florida Panthers; 4th: Columbus Blue Jackets; 5th: New York Islanders.
    • For the rest, click here
  • After 9 seasons with the Dallas Stars, Marty Turco will not be re-signed.  Will he call it quites or find a new home?
  • If you planned on buying tickets to UFC 115 in Vancouver, you're going to have to look at buy-and-sell vendors because within 30 minutes of being released, they're sold out!
  • Now I am off to watch Glee!  GLEEKS UNITE AND ENJOY!

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