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  • Your Stanley Cup update:  Everyone is all tied up.  All that's played 2 games anyways.  Only the Nashville/Chicago series hasn't reached 2 games.
    • Boston/Buffalo: 5-3 Bruins win ties the series at 1
    • Montreal/Washington: 5-6 OT win by the Caps levels the series to 1 a-piece
    • LA/Vancouver: 3-2 OT win for the Kings makes the series tied 1-1
    • Other games that didn't happen today: San Jose/Colorado - 1-1; Pittsburgh/Ottawa - 1-1; Nashville/Chicago - 1-0; New Jersey/Philadelphia - 1-1; Phoenix/Detroit - 1-1
  • Other playoff series:
    • WHL: Vancouver/Tri-City - Series tied 1-1 after the Americans shutout the Giants in a 0-4 win.
      • Brandon/Calgary - Series at a 1-1 tie after Calgary won it 2-3 in OT
    • OHL: Windsor/Kitchener - Kitchener Rangers lead the series 2-0 after a 2-5 win before moving the series over to Windsor
      • Barrie/Mississauga - Barrie leads the series 2-1 after a 1-3 win at home ice.
    • QMJHL: Saint John/Victoriaville - St. John Sea Dogs leads the series 2-0 after a 1-5 win.
      • Drummondville/Moncton - Moncton Wildcats lead the series 0-1 before the puck drop tomorrow at 4:00 PM Eastern
  • Just because everyone needs a little bit of gossip: Reality TV starlet, Kim Kardashian, has been reported to be "dating" footy sensation Cristiano Ronaldo.  Normally, I wouldn't report this, but it was a must.  Two people I can pretty much say I hate going out has caused me to say this: Ronaldo can do so much better.  I'm predicting an end to this relationship in about 27 days - tops.  Knowing the gossip magazines in the USA, though, they tend to lie and exaggerate.  That's why I stick to my own sources!
  • Vancouver Whitecaps were held to a nil-nil draw at Lockhart Stadium against Miami FC.  Whitecaps recap
  • There's an upset in the U18 IIHF World Championship!  Switzerland's 3-2 OT win over Belarus guranteed them a spot in the next round and put Belarus and Canada in the relegation round.  IIHF story 
  • Now I'll let you enjoy the 2010 IIHF World Championship's official song.  Though I find half of this video kinda pointless, I like the hockey clips and compilations.  And the C-walking, gliding, and jerking was a good addition.  Once you watch the vid, you'll understand what I'm talking about.  Enjoy Scooter's Stuck on Replay!

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