Runnin' Wild and Free!

 Will Zdeno Chara be the answer to the Sabres problem?

("Runnin' Wild" by Airbourne is to be thanked for the title)

First round matchup: Buffalo Sabres

This, oddly enough, has a good group of people in a thinking stage.  The Sabres have a goaltending edge.  The Bruins have a drive and physical edge.  Which group will be more prepared to make the run for the Cup?  Which of the two is able to put all or nothing on the line?

What I like about this match up is that we've got two of the biggest defencemen in the league playing against each other.  Zdeno Chara is the 6'9", 255 lbs giant at the Boston blue.  He is equipped with the hardest slap shot in the NHL, a C on his chest, and 44 points.  Tyler Myers is Chara's younger counterpart standing at 6'8", 222 lbs, he has 48 points and a rocket of a slapshot.  If the game itself doesn't steal the show, these two will try to steal the show from each other.

Boston has one of the best up and coming power-forwards in their line-up: Milan Lucic.  Doesn't hurt that he can get under your skin easily too.  That's how the Vancouver Giants roll.  We can get the puck on the streak, or within 5 feet of the crease.  We prefer the gritty goals to the pretty ones.

Boston plays a highly physical game.  They play you against the boards, against other bodies, and they don't mind getting into your face.  And just as easily as they can play physically, they can also play with speed.  They can bounce off of their boards well enough, and they have a spring in their step when they play with confidence.

What could be their downfall is Tuukka Rask's inexperience in the NHL playoffs.  He's played in the AHL, but that is not even close to the NHL playoffs.  And if that happens to surprise everyone, the Bruins can be caught sleeping at times.  You know that saying, "Never tickle a sleeping dragon"?  Well, it is true about the Bruins.  Chara, Rask, and Tim Thomas are three of the Boston Dragons that tend to be caught asleep.  If you wake them, then you just basically done yourself in.

Boston could cause an upset over the Sabres, but that would take probably all 7 games.  And they'd have to beat Miller.

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