Shutting the Devils Down

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Game 5: Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils @ Prudential Center
3-0 Final; 4-1 series win by Philadelphia

After overcoming the New York Rangers for the final spot for the post-season, the Flyers were battle tested prior to coming into competition with the Devils.  And that was enough preparation for them to win the series over the record breaking Martin Brodeur and his team of Devils

No one really expected the Flyers to go anywhere.  But those sceptics were proven wrong as they took the Stanley Cup dreams away from the Devils in round one.  The team with the worse goaltending came out of their series with one of the better goalies.  Brian Boucher helped carry his team to round 2 as he helped in stealing the Devils of the chances they got.

I will applaud the Flyers for the series they put up.  They got goals from the unlikeliest of sources (Dan Carcillo) and got 'A' effort from all of their players.  I didn't follow this series as closely as I did others, but it turned out to be quite the scene.

The Flyers (seeded at 7) came out and won the first game.  Though their next night didn't follow suit, but the 3 games after that did.  With pure grit, determination, and good ol' drive, the Flyers won the series in 5 games (and just a smidge of blood (Ian Lapierriere took a puck to the face after diving for a block)).

3 stars
1) Claude Giroux
2) Brian Boucher
3) Daniel Brière

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