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2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Game 6: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville Predators @ Bridgestone Arena
5-3 Final; Chicago wins series 4-2

(Title is Nickelback's Burn It to the Ground)

If Chicago won, the Vancouver Canucks (we) would defintely be seeing them once more in the second round.  And guess what?  HELLO CHICAGO!  Get ready for Canucks team so different from last year.

A crazy first period saw 7 goals.  Not the best defensive effort from any of them and they knew it.  So for the following 40 minutes, no goals (except for that EN).  The offensive effort was relentless from Nashville!  Pekka Rinne was faced with 2 shots, while his Chicago counterpart was faced with 15 in the final 20 minutes!

The defence and offence battled for a balance in this game and maybe the Hawks found it as that final buzzer rang for their victory over the Preds.  That balance would be oh so very important in round 2 as they look to take on the Canucks.  With their goaltending nothing like last year's, Chicago will need to find a strong defensive power to see them through the next couple of games.

But what of the Predators?  They were good, but had too many little cracks to continue on and those cracks were too easily found.  I would've love to seen the Preds make it out of the first round for the first time in franchise history (remember, this franchise is only 11 years old to date), but it wasn't their time.  I'd give it 3 more years - tops - for this team to be awesome.  They've got a couple of good defencemen who also have great scoring capability and some good future prospects up front and on the blue.

Valiant effort on the Predators' end wasn't enough, but Chicago has more to answer as the questions just get bigger the deeper they go.

Now, I go set up my schedule to follow the Canucks/Hawks series and I look to find free time to wander and fine Toews.  (I may really, really dislike the Hawks, but I like Toews.  He's a brilliant skater!)

3 stars:
1) Patrick Sharp
2) Jason Arnott
3) Jonathan Toews

I like this picture...

I admire this picture!

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