What? No Beer?

Okay, the title is a wee bit misleading, but I find it so hard to believe that there is no beer!  And in beer, I mean Carlsberg, the Danish brewing company.

But what does Carlsberg have to do with sports?  Well, does a football club by the name of Liverpool F.C ring a bell?  (Don't say no.  Then I'll think you're just a worm that's been living under a rock.)

Everyone knows that Liverpool have been in a bit of trouble the past couple of seasons, but more evidently this season.  What with not being the top 4 for the majority of the season, bowing out of the UEFA Champions League early, talks of Rafa Benitez possibly leaving the Reds for the Italian giants, Juventus, trade rumours coming from all directions, and poor ownership.

But the club that I knew for so long made a drastic change in its kits today.  Since 1992, Carlsberg has been the main sponsor of Liverpool.  Next to Bob Paisley, Ian Rush, Steven Gerrard, and all those other great names, Carlsberg was the next highly associated name with the Reds.  That's all changed now.

For the first time in 18 years, Carlsberg will not be on the front of the Reds' kits.  Instead, it's Standard Chartered.

On a personal note, I hate the new kits for the pure reason it's not Carlsberg.  I like the fit and the design of the kits, but... IT'S NOT CARSLBERG!

Being a kid born in the '93, I basically grew up with Carlsberg.  Not drinking it, but as a sponsor.  For nearly as long as I've lived, I've loved Liverpool.  And with my love of Liverpool came the recognition of Carlsberg as a partner (a best friend, if you will) of the Reds.  Now with it gone, I feel slightly betrayed.

I guess, sometimes change is necessary, but I find myself a lot in the changing eras.  At school, the schedule totally changed in grade 11.  In the middle of grade 11, the principal that I loved so much moved!  The Montreal Canadiens are going through a rebuilding era, yet not at the same time.  The boys I grew up with on the Vancouver Giants are all leaving one-by-one.  Now, the sponsors of Liverpool are changing!

At one point, I will get used to it.  Probably half-way through the first 3 months of the new Premier League season, I'll be used to not having Carlsberg on the front.  But everyday I wear or look at my jersey, I will be reminded of the club I grew up with for 17 years of my life.  The one that bore Carlsberg on the front.

For pictures of next season's kits: The Kits
For the video on the photoshoot for the kits and the Reds opinions: Liverpool FC

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