An alle Krieger des Lichts

2010 IIHF World Championship
Canada vs. Italy @ SAP Arena
5-1 Final

(Post title is borrowed from Silbermond's "Krieger des Lichts")

With youth down the roster and a veteran captain, Canada looked to not take anyone lightly and win against the Italians.  But with an upset in the USA/Germany game, anything can happen.

Just a little background information for everyone; this year's Italy team features a lot of Canadian born and/or CHL players.  A couple from the Sault (Sault Ste. Marie) and Adam Russo is from Montreal and holds the record for the most playoff shutouts in the QMJHL (9).  Betcha didn't know that, eh?

A little under 3 minutes in, Canada got off to the better start with a goal from Corey Perry.  Italy was shaky and had a couple of quite unsteady shift at the beginning of the period.  As the game wore on, the Italians started looking more comfortable on the German ice.

The Germans started clogging up the neutral zone and the passing lanes after getting comfortable.  The stretch passes that Canada attempted were picked up and turned over by the Italians.  And it all paid off a bit pass half-way.  A goal from Michele Strazzabosco levelled the game up and gave all those doubters that the Italians can compete in this icy sport.

Today, I liked the goaltending I saw, but the hockey was great to watch.  Adam Russo was brilliant for the Italians stopping some amazing shots that I didn't expect a 16th seed to stop.  Russo was a partial reason why the score wasn't as lopsided as it was, but also because the Canadians were pacing themselves.

Congrats to Canada on their win, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY WHITNEY!  What a present, eh?  As Ray Whitney turns 38, he gets a win, 2 assists, and a player of the game award!  Big congrats, big guy!

Player of the Game:
Italy - Michele Strazzabosco
Canada - Ray Whitney

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