Carry On My Wayward Son

Ahem, before I gain some comprehensible thought, let me do the my crazy speech.

OH MY BLOODY KNICKERS!  (To understand my crazed state, follow the cut.  Or look at the picture above.)

SUPERNATURAL!  As a TV junkie, Supernatural has freaked me out a number of times.  But tonight, it wrenched at my heart strings.  The two joyous fellers you see freakin' out at the top are my favourite pair of brothers/actors on the small screen.

Tonight, I prepared for the end of one of my favourite TV programs.  Sam was going to have to fight the Devil and Michael and probably never come back.  Dean would have to let his baby brother fall to the depths of hell, and carry on his life as if nothing changed.

But Dean was without Sammy!  There are no Winchester's without either Sam or Dean!  That just cannot be!

My point, I was so freakin' prepared for a whole program's end, but I was proven wrong when the prophet said, "but things don't really end, do they?"  I had hope!  Hope for another season!  Hope for the continuation of the Winchester's!  Hope for the more slayings of evils from the Winchester's!  And best of all, hope of more chances bumping into Jensen Ackles whilst he films in BC!

So thank you for not killing the program (too much love) and for not killing Sam Winchester (even though I love Dean more (because he's a sarcastic jerk)).  I don't mind the waiting for the next season because I'll just pass the time with the DVDs (and other stuff on the telly).

But OH MY BLOODY SUSPENDERS Sam Winchester has more powers than before (evil powers...) and is back!  And Dean has shown more emotions than I ever expected him too.  What's gonna happen next, yo!

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