Game of the Day

Malaga v. Real Madrid @ La Rosaleda
1-1 FT

The final game of the 2009-10 season for my footy life.  Real looked to win to go to the top of the Spanish tables and win the title.  Unless Malaga or Barcelona have something to do about that.

As many have gotten used to, Real gave up the first goal at the 8' to Malaga's Duda.  Not to worry, though!  We are Los Blancos!  We will win!

At th 48', the very-hated-by-me Cristiano Ronaldo did some of his beautiful footwork to folly the defence of Malaga to get the pass through into the box.  And then Rafael van der Vaart got the ball and to much of his effort and fight, he got the ball onto his laces and into the net for the goal!

But even after 3 minutes of injury time, all Real could do was pull even in a 1-1 game.  There were no late heroics here today, just a lack of production from the club in the black kit.

The draw was the greatest score they could get against los Blancos.  And all the fans celebrated what was just a draw.  (Under my breath, you can catch me saying, "curse you Barca, Malaga, and Valladolid!")

Yet another dismal season - to lose by TWO POINTS!  AYAH!  I'm going to just bury this in the past and prepare for a much better year next season.

And now that the leagues have ended their seasons - it's FIFA TIME!  World Cup in about 25 DAYS!  WOOT!

Look at the baby cry!

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