Game of the Night

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Game 3: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks @ GM Place
5-2 Final

Now that the series has shifted to the city where many played their Olympic experiences, what do these two teams have to offer?  Will Chicago come back to play with the same fiesty attitude they had 48 hours ago?  Or will Vancouver answer back with some attitude of their own?

The opening period had a lot to talk about.  How about those two goals that Vancouver (not Luongo) let in?  How about the emergence of the supporting cast in Chicago?  What of Daniel Sedin being denied a couple of very good scoring chances, and Jannik Hansen denied on the partial breakaway?  And what about the attitude Daniel Sedin showed against Dave Bolland?

The game was looking fairly dead on the Vancouver end - with the exception of Luongo - for the first 20 some-odd minutes.  If it wasn't for Luongo holding the Canucks in it, the score would've been 4-0 by the end of 20.  And it wasn't like the Canucks didn't have their chances.  Boy, they had their share of good scoring opportunities.  It was just they wasn't able to cash in on them.

But that was the first 20, and there are 60 in a game.  As the second period began the Canucks had a new mind on the ice, but it took a while for it to come.  And once it came, it held in for a good amount of time.  And then came the stupid penalties.  First it was Alex Burrows, and then Shane O'Brien.  I would've betcha Alain Vigneault was more than pissed for a lot of the second.  At least Burrs redeemed himself with a goal that made it 3-2, eh?

Neither of the two teams played spectacular hockey in the first 40.  Many were saying that the third period was gonna be a wild one.

And wild it was.  Last year, it was Patrick Kane who got the hat-trick; today, it was Dustin Byfuglien.  I am just not happy with this game - period.  Chicago wasn't playing as hard as last game, so this was no excuse for a game from the Canucks.  Niemi didn't have to do so much, so we can't say it was because of Niemi that the score is as it was.  Vancouver just had a very, very off night.  It didn't help that Chicago didn't play great either.

And now this is the part I'm going to rant and complain.

I HATE THE REFEREES!  Like I said before, I don't like making excuses and I avoid doing so, but tonight was not only an off night by Vancouver; it was dictated by the refs!  There were calls that I made from my spot away from the telly that were CLEAR penalties, that the zebras didn't even look like they were going to call.  And then that third Byfuglien goal... commentators and viewers alike were calling 'no goal'.  But NO~~!!  "Good goal" the refs said.  "INTERFERENCE!" everyone else said.  Kane and Byfuglien pushed Luongo into his net and prevented him from making the save and keeping the puck out.  If that wasn't interference, I don't know what I think of this NHL anymore.  I love my hockey, I love my teams in the NHL, but the zebras in this and the executives of the NHL itself is PISSING ME OFF!

Tomorrow, my best friend and I are going to go to our preferred coffee stop, talk and chat about our personal issues that built up today and this horrible game that just added to it.  People who see us, watch your words!

3 stars:
1) Dustin Byfuglien
2) Antti Niemi
3) Brian Campbell

(My) 3 stars:
1) Dustin Byfuglien
2) Duncan Keith
3) Brian Campbell

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