Game of the Night

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Game 6: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks @ GM Place
5-1 Final; Chicago wins the series 4-2.

Trying to play the same way they did last night (maybe even better), the Canucks are going to summon everything they've got to play in a game 7 against the Blackhawks of the Chicago.

After rumours of where Sami Salo had got injured, we take a look at the line-up for tonight, and '6 Sami Salo' is not scratched off!  How is that going to go?

The opening 20 minutes displayed the best opening moments of hockey for these two teams all post-season long!  Both ends got to see chances that were brilliant for scoring!  Thankfully (for the goalies), none went in and the goalies had Lady Luck on their side.  But Lady, you need to chose a side, and hopefully you pick the right side.  The 20 minutes, though, was spectacular!  I couldn't ask for a better 20 minutes (actually, take away that injury Alex Edler got and that's the best I could ask for).

The second period was a tad bit of a different story.  In the opening 3 minutes, Chicago got two lucky/good goals that momentarily shushed the crowd at GM.  What I saw in those two goals was a crack in the defensive efforts of the entire Canucks team that was capable of doing something to prevent those goals.  But I'm not going to dwell on those.

There was just one good shift that tilted the ice back in the favour of the Canucks and got the crowd back into it.  But then that, too, was silenced by a late SHG from Dave Bolland in the final minute of the period.

Down by three goals into the third was not something to die panicking over for the Canucks.  For so many times this post and regular season, the Canucks have been down going into the third and have come out on top.  Keeping their cool and calm, they played with the haste that they needed and pushed for the goals that they needed.

Unfortunately for my heart and sanity, one goal from Patrick Kane made everything fall down upon the Vancouver city.  The hole that we got ourselves into grew into a 4-goal difference hole that looked mighty hard to climb out of.  I, quite honestly, felt a little like Alice in Wonderland after she fell through the rabbit hole.

What a way to go, though, eh?  Sami Salo with that "below the belt" injury, Alex Edler having his game end early in the first period, Mikael Samulesson getting a roughing, a hooking, and a 10-min misconduct with 7 minutes left to go, and Michael Grabner having to head to the dressing room part-way through the third.  And that's just the top of the iceberg of the issues surrounding our exit.

But one thing I hate about this series (other than the result obviously, and certain performances from certain sweaters) is the reffing.  It took till game 6 for us to get the reffing I WANTED for the longest time.  Better yet, it took till game 6 for this series to see my favourite ref in the NHL - Bill McCreary!  (Quite honestly, I love this guy as a ref.  So sad he's retiring.)  If the reffing we had tonight we got in the other 5 games, this series would've been SOOOO different.

I'm just in depression now and will be so until I get my French project done and present, Tupper Year End Dance Show over with, and the exams over with.  Basically, not until July will I be happy.  FYI, I've had a rotten season all year.

Congrats to Chicago for making it to the conference finals 2-years running.  And congrats to you for topping my horrible season with another heart-wrenching moment.

What does Mike Gillis have in his head now?  Now leave me alone, and let me mope until I go to sleep.  Me moping includes tears!  No crocodile tears, but they flow nonetheless.  (Enjoy this small emotional moment.  There aren't many this strong.)

3 stars:
1) Patrick Kane
2) Dave Bolland
3) Dustin Byfuglien

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