Game of the Night

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs; Eastern Conference Finals
Game 1: Montreal Canadiens vs. Philadelphia Flyers @ Wachovia Center
1-6 Final

Proving all the playoffs commercials right (you know the 'History Will Be Made' ones?), the 7th and the 8th seeded teams face off for the first time in HISTORY!  The Flyers went from 3-0 down to win it; The Habs defeated the Presdent's Trophy winners and the two-time defending EC champions.  That's what you call history!

Due to work, I miss the first half of the game (curse you travel time!) and miss a lot of the bad stuff.  But the scoreline looked a lot like the first game against the Penguins.  After letting in 4 goals on 13 shots, Jaroslav got pulled from the game, like he did in both previous series.  And in came Carey Price.

Everytime Halak has been pulled (regular season or playoffs), Halak has come back with a stellar, winning game.  I'm just saying, the Habs play a dangerous type of hockey.  Being out shot (immensely), losing a sublime lost at least once in the series and putting Price in for a game(-ish), and pushing to a game 7 in the series.  Dangerous, but it seems to be working.

And the hole just got a whole lot deeper past the hafl-way mark of the final period.  6-0.  Shutout and we out shot them.  28-25 were the shots for Montreal.  And look at which end of the stick we ended up on.

I'm just hoping this was just for a night, and on Tuesday WE BRING IT!  Maybe we should go back to the way we won our games?  Eh...?

3 stars:
1) Michael Leighton
2) Ville Leino
3) Braydon Coburn

Okay, as much as it hurt, this guy's signs made me laugh so hard!  It was mean, but I have a good sense of humour for it!  Even in the darkest of times.

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