Game of the Night

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs; Eastern Conference Finals
Game 2: Montreal Canadiens vs. Philadelphia Flyers @ Wachovia Center
0-3 Final

After a shell-shock of a 6-0 defeat, the Habs looked to bounce back with a bigger attack and level up the series.

Montreal came in with a great start!  The Habs had blazing shots being fired at the net and on Michael Leighton.  But amiss all that shooting was a lot more saving with Leighton stopping all 16 shots that came his way.  And some of the Montreal chances were bloody brilliant!  I couldn't believe what I was seeing when he stopped those shots.  But Leighton could see it all.  No man in front of him to block his vision and no distraction.  Just pure puck and ice.  Block the guy in orange's vision!

As the shots kept going and stopped, Jaroslav Halak and the Habs allowed one goal in each period.  The third one was a dagger.  It was just a bad goal that should not have happened it Halak was paying attention to it.  But alas, fatigue has seemed to have caught up with the men in white jerseys.  14 games have taken their toll.

Montreal was too laxed in this game.  The PP didn't have as much urgency as I'd like to see, the PK didn't have as much bite as Philly's did, and the effort to get the goals wasn't enough.  They didn't block Leighton's vision as much as they should, they played a bit too cute-sy, and frustrations were allowed to get at them.  Not a way you want to play against the big, gritty, charging Flyers who are red hot right now.

Good homework by the Flyers, though.  They watched tapes of Halak to find where the best place to beat the goalie would be, and they found it.  They also closed the lanes, pushed them to the outside of the ice, and used their small size to their disadvantage.  The Flyers got some shorties of their own and they know how to control the burst of speed.  And good job by Leighton to shut the Habs out back-to-back.  You made a couple of good saves that kept y'all in it.

This series is now taking a swing to Montreal.  What a crowd that will be there, eh?

3 stars:
1) Michael Leighton
2) Simon Gagne
3) Kimmo Timonen

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