Game of the Night

(The Canadian Embassy in Berlin flies the Canadiens flag.  SO COOL!)

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs; Eastern Conference Finals
Game 3: Philadelphia Flyers vs. Montreal Canadiens @ Bell Centre
1-5 Final

After being shutout the first two games in the series, the Habs looked to break that streak of Leighton's as a late birthday present for him.

At first, the game looked like it would be like the previous two, but that soon changed with the lucky 13th goal of 13 Michael Cammalleri!  And statistics show that when this guy scores, everything falls in place for the Habs and they end up on the winning end of the stick.

Despite doing most of the shooting, they didn't follow the statistics and got the lead!  A lead so invaluable, the Habs kept that lead for the entire game.

The jolt the sold-out crowd gave the team that was trailing 2-0 in the series was electric!  The Habs looked like a new team tonight, and I don't know if it had a lot to do with the practices and the new focus area for them.  The singing crowd kept the habs' spirits singing, and the waving towels kept the men in red waving their pride and skills.

Montreal got back in this series with tonight's win and proved that we were not burnt out yet, and we had a lot more hockey left in our complex bodies.  And even we did all a majority of the shooting (38-26) we won the game and proved the statistics wrong!

Halak was so much better tonight, the crowd was EXCELLENT, the hockey was great, and Maxim Lapierre was one of my stars as he kept chirping all night long and got under a lot of their skins.  Heehee!

3 stars:
1) Roman Hamrlik
2) Dominic Moore
3) Tom Pyatt

My 3 stars:
1) Josh Gorges
2) Tom Pyatt
3) Maxim Lapierre

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