Les nouvelles

While you enjoy your news, here is this new thing I'm trying to get into; It's SONG OF THE DAY!

  • On a day of early hockey games (except for a couple), here is your playoff updater:
    • NHL:
      • Pittsburgh/Montreal:  OMG!  Best way to wake up in the morning!  A 3-1 Montreal win over the Pens splits the series at 1-1.
      • San Jose/Detroit: a topsy 3-4 win over the Red Wings saw the Sharks take the seires 2-0, heading into Detroit.
    • AHL
      • Abbotsford/Hamilton: Hamilton took a 3-1 win over the Heat to split the series 1-1.
      • Texas/Chicago: It took to 2OT, but Chicago finally took a 4-3 win over the Stars and levelled the series 1-1.
    • OHL Finals: Barrie/Windsor: After an Adam Henrique hat trick, Windsor took a 5-2 win over the Colts and took a stunning 3-0 lead in the series!
    • QMJHL Finals: Moncton/Saint John: Moncton took a big jump into the lead with a mind-blasting 9-3 win and now leads the series 2-0.
  • LeBron James has captured his 2nd straight NBA MVP award.  The NBA tells ya'!
  • Injury update in the NHL: Boston Bruins' Marco Sturm will miss the rest of the playoffs with a knee injury.  He'll go and get surgery done in 4-6 weeks, and then another 6 months to recover.  Bruins release
    • Yesterday's news I've failed to tell: Pittsburgh Penguins' Jordan Staal will be out for the rest of round 2 after getting surgery done on a tendon that was hurt during game 1 of the Habs/Pens series.  Penguins PR
    • Andrei Markov is out for the rest of the season after taking a Matt Cooke hit the worse way he could.  Few days ago, he flew back to Montreal to recuperate and getting all well again for next year.
  • Rafael Nadal (my current fave) won his 5th Rome Masters title.  One of the best on clay was best again after a disappoint season last year.  Original Italian & the English
  • And for y'all that care, it's David Beckhams birthday!  (Unethusiastic 'yeah' from me)  Becks turns a special 35 years old and gets closer to his footy playing years being put behind him.

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