Les nouvelles

  • Playoff updates!
    • NHL
      • Chicago/Vancouver:  Guess who's playing San Jose?  Chicago.  After a 5-1 defeat on away ice, the Hawks win it in 6 games and take that flight down to California.
    • AHL
      • Chicago/Texas: Texas win the game 6-5 in OT to win the series in 7 games to face the Hamilton Bulldogs in the Western conference.
  • Now your IIHF WHC update!
    • Russia/Kazakhstan: Russia defeated their fellow Soviets 4-1 early this day.  IIHF
    • Czech Republic/Norway: Norway defeated the Czechs 3-2 for their first win against the Czech since 1937.  IIHF
    • Belarus/Slovakia: Slovakia defeated the Soviets 4-2 after being down 0-2.  IIHF
    • Sweden/France: Sweden won against the French, 3-2.  IIHF
  • Some shell-shocking news!  Out of all the hits that have landed people on the injury reserve list or in the hospital, only one is getting criminally charged.  Patrice Cormier's hit on Mikael Tam during the regular season could land him in jail for 18 months, if convicted.  Cormier is being charged with assault causing injury.  TSN reports
  • A birthday to a certain Spaniard that plays for a club that I absolutely despise.  Andres Iniesta turns 26; maybe one more year means more skill for this year's FIFA World Cup?  ALLEZ LA FURIA ROJA!

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