Les nouvelles

  • No playoffs today.  Everyone taking a breather after the crazy whirlwind of a game 7.  But there are IIHF WHC games!  Here they are:
    • Russia/Belarus: Russia continued their winning ways with a 3-1 win over Belarus.  IIHF
    • France/Norway: The Norweigians defeated the French with a 5-1 score.  IIHF
    • Kazakhstan/Slovakia: Slovakia won 5-1 against the former Soviets.  IIHF
    • Sweden/Czech Republic: Sweden lost in a 2-1 game.  IIHF
  • Eric Staal can share some more quality family time now!  The Carolina Hurricanes have made a deal with the Phoenix Coyotes.  The Canes have acquired Coyotes prospect (now Hurricanes prospect) Jared Staal.  The youngest Staal is the only one to not have played in a NHL game.  I am one step closer to seeing my dream of all 4 Staal's playing on the same team!  Hurricanes Say
  • After taking an elbow in the jaw against Switzerland, Steven Stamkos is out for Friday with a possible concussion.  Injury blow
  • He's a big boy now!  Sidney Crosby has finally moved out of Mario Lemieux's basement and bought his own play in the Pennsylvanian city.  Mind you, this all to rumour.  TSN spreads the rumour
  • Happy birthday Jaroslav Halak (25), Kris Versteeg (24), and PK Subban (21)!  All of you have received a big gift before your birthday's, but what was better was the hard work you all put into it.  Congrats to you all (especially two of you) and I'll be glad to see you (cough: Halak, Subban) lift that silver cup over your head.

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