Les nouvelles

  • Playoff updates!!
    • NHL
      • Montreal/Philadelphia: Great win for Montreal.  5-1 for the home team and the series is now 1-2 for Philly.
    • AHL
      • Hershey/Manchester: Hershey claims a 3-2 OT win to take a 3-2 series lead.
  • IIHF WHC updaters!
    • Finland/Czech Republic: The Czechs get a 1-2 win over the Finns to continue on to the semis.  IIHF
    • Sweden/Denmark: Sweden cotinue on to the semi-finals with a 4-2 win over the Danes.  IIHF
    • Russia/Canada: Canada is removed from the WHC with a 5-2 lost to Russia.  I am hurt and life sucks.  Guess Corey Perry can't join the Triple Gold Club just yet.  IIHF
    • Germany/Switzerland: Germany defeated the Suisse with a 1-0 win to continue in the tournament and to the semis for the first time.  IIHF
  • Henrik Sedin has been named Sporting News' NHLer of the year!   He beat out Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby who had 86 and 72 votes respectively.  That pales in contrast to Hank's 108 votes!  The Province
  • Edmonton Oilers' Gilbert Brule has donated $10,000 to a child with a story that touched my heart in the past week.  The kid, Maddox Flynn (2 1/2), was born with cystic hygroma - which is a rare malfunction in the lymphatic system.  Maddox has to fly to New York from Edmonton for the expensive surgery.  So everyone, pray for Maddox and his family that this surgery goes well.  The Province shares
  • Happy birthday Vesa Toskala (32), Iker Casillas (29), and Petr Cech (28).  With one more year of growth, I hope Casillas has learned a lot more than his age and will bring the FIFA World Cup to Spain!

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