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I haven't been here in a while, eh?  Guess a sore heart does that to ya'.  Well, before I head off to camp and miss about 2-3 days of possible blogging, I will salut off with an update of news.
  • Playoff update
    • AHL: Texas/Hamilton: Having to have to take it to OT once more, the Texas Stars ended up the team on top in the 3-2 game.  Now it's all even at 3-games a piece and before the AHL finals can take place, game 7 must happen on Thursday before this party continues.
  • This REALLY shocked me today.  The Tampa Bay Lightning have revealed STEVE YZERMAN has their new GM.  I was quite literally, "WHAT THE FROG'S LEGS!" when I heard that on TSN's That's Hockey.  After 27 bloody brilliant years (I loved seeing him play) with the Detroit Red Wings - as both a player and an executive - he is now going to leave an imprint on the Bolts.  And I won't fail to mention that he did great things with Team Canada.  After discussions with his family and franchise, he made his decision.  What's he gonna do first...?  God, I'm gonna miss him with the Wings (as much as I didn't like them).  It is so ODD to see him with a Tampa Bay pin on his jacket.  Tampa strikes down
  • Colorado Avalanche have re-signed veteran Adam Foote to a new 1-year contract.  Clear from the Avalanche
  • Girondins Bordeaux has a new club manager.  Jean Tigana was named Laurent Blanc's successor in the position early today.  L'histoire en français

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