Les nouvelles

  • I'm back yo'! Camp was... a 6/10 this year.  For those who know what went down this year, y'all probably give it a lower ranking, but I'm "positive".  Anyways, hope the lot of you guys had fun and let's make my final year a better one.
  • The hosts of the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup will be France!!  UEFA talk
  • Some signings of late: Caroline Hurricanes have signed Jiri Tlusty to a 1-year contract, seeing him earn $500,000.  Rock ya' like a Hurricane!
    • Jay Harrison of the Hurricanes have signed a 1-year extension that will have him receive $500,000.  Carolina talker
    • Montreal Canadiens have signed defenceman Kyle Klulbertanz to a 1-year contract worth $550,000.  Habs jabber
  • This was shell-shocking:  Real Madrid have come to terms with Internazionale and have signed Jose Mourinho as the new coach/manager for the 2010-11 season.  Real talk

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