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2010 FIFA World Cup
Group C: England v. United States
1-1 FT

One of the top match-ups in this world cup, the Three Lions looked to go to the top of their group and start their climb back up to football supremacy with a win over the Yanks.

There are many things that the US wanted, but what they didn't want was to fall behind the Lions early.  But that was just what they got when Steven Gerrard (yea~!) netted a sloppy ball into the back of the net just 4' in!  The earliest goal in this world cup, and one of the earliest in World Cup history.

But the Yanks are not to go underestimated.  After Gerrard's goal, USA came back with several really good chances at levelling the pitch!  And the Stripes and Stars put on a lot of the pressure in the first half.  The Brits had their great breaks, but the US applied the pressure.  And boy, that defence.  The defence collapsed on the ball when necessary and Jimmy Howard stood strong for his country.

All those efforts finally paid off when the Fulham forward Clint Dempsey got his ball to slip past Robert Green.  What should've been a routine save didn't unfold as such as the replay replayed over again to see the ball just slip past his fingers when it should've been an easy save.

We can all question what was said in the dressing room at half-time, but whatever was said in the English dressing room makes me curious.  After HT, four names made it into the referee's books - two of which were English.

Jozy Altidore came really close to putting the Yanks up by one at 65'.  But Green came up with a brilliant save (that sort of made up for the earlier goal) to keep it a 1-1 draw. 

So now the lead in the group is up for grabs, since most expected the winner of this to go to the head of the grouop.  But it was quite a close match.  27 shots on goal - 16 for England; 11 for USA.   This is sure to get interesting as the two groups fight for the top spot.

Man of the Match:
#1 GK Jimmy Howard (USA)

My Man of the match:
#3 (C) Carlos Bocanegra (USA)

After receiving a sliding boot to the chest:

The side-eye of "Really now...?"

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