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2010 FIFA World Cup
Group H: Spain v. Switzerland
nil - 1  FT

What is the best way to wake up in the morning?  Having the Spanish national anthem, Marcha Real, filter your room is one way of a good morning wake up.

Under the direction of Vicente Del Bosque (El Boss I like to call him), Spain started their campaign and looked to get their first world cup.

After watching some of the best teams play for the past so many days, I finally get to watch mis niños play.  The wait was worth it.  To watch the passing and ball control that Spain has is magnificent and is definition of why I love this beautiful as much as I do.

But all that possession, excellent passing, and a couple of some brilliant chances on the Spanish behalf led to a kerplop at the 52' where the Suisse were a lucky group.  Iker Casillas and Gerard Piqué were committed to the original striker, but Gelson Fernandes came out of nowhere and got that messy ball into the back of the Spanish net.

But oh my sparkling stars, Xabi Alonso came damn close to levelling it!  At the 70', Xabi did what I know him best for and that's his wonderful shooting ability.  Right outside of the box, Xabi gave one strong boot and the ball soared above the heads of strikers and defenders right to the top of the goal.  But like a lot of times in many sports with a goal, it hit the crossbar and didn't ripple the mesh.

If that wasn't enough of a thrill for you, at 74' Suisse almost got another goal, but were denied by the post!  That would've been something to give a thrill to the Suisse.

What I'm not understanding is breaking of the defence in the Spaniards!  Since when did our usually solid defensive efforts become so fragile?  Out of all of our international meetings with the Suisse, the Suisse have never won a match in 18 meetings.  Then now they've broken that.

Did Spain come into this tournament and/or group with too much confidence?  They aren't in trouble yet, but La Furia Roja has to play their best to come out of this group where I predicted they would be.

Now as Spain look to pick up the pieces and fix their game (which is 96% flawless (I'm boasting)), I will wipe my tears from this devestating loss that will haunt me in the headlines from now until the next one.

Man of the Match:
#16 Gelson Fernandes

My Man of the Match:
#5 Carles Puyol

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