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2010 FIFA World Cup
Round of 16: España v. Portugal
1-nil FT

Being the match that everyone has been looking forward to in this round of 16, whoever comes out of this one will take on Paraguay in the quater-finals.

This match was going to be a picture-esque match.  Some of the world's best players are playing in this match and also some of the richest and highly touted players of the current era of football.

Now before when I have tilted my head at Iker Casillas and his doings, I didn't have to (as much) in this match.  At the 21', Tiago of Portugal had the biggest chance to open the scoring, but San Iker pulled out his saintly talents and pulled off a bloody brilliant save to keep it nil-nil early.

After HT, the score was still nil-nil and that was just proof of these two teams and their tightness.  Looking at just the statistics, it looked just as well as most expected.  Shots were 10-7 for Spain and they dominated the ball with 62% of the possession.  That's just how good these two teams ares defensively and offensively.

When play resumed, so did the intensity.  Chance after chance came for Spain and I nearly leaped out of my seat dropping my laptop several times.  And then one brilliant artistry came upon my telly.  A brilliant flick kick to behind of him (courtesy of Xavi), set David Villa free and just like Da Vinci painted it himself, a goal was placed in the top right corner of the net.

After the 63', Portugal appeared to have started falling apart.  What normally would be on target shots, started to soar over the net or far wide.  The cards started to fly like bees around honey and right before the end of the match, Portugal's Ricardo Costa received a red card (which personally shouldn't have been red).  Down to 10 men in injury time, they did come close to making it 1-1, but weren't that lucky.

1 goal and some crazy buisness was enough for Spain to move on and see their dreams of lifting the trophy come closer.  (And seeing Cristiano Ronaldo almost cry makes my day.)  (I love how goalies feel for each other and have thier own love to share.  They are their own kind.)

Say hello to Paraguay for me, Spain.  I'm hoping to see them on their backsides a few days from now.  I say, good day Portugal!

Man of the Match:
8) Xavi

My Man of the Match:
1) C Iker Casillas

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