Red - the Blood of Angry Men

I knew this day would come, but I didn't think it would've been this soon!  Why must things turn out this why?  Think of the 5 seasons of glory he brought us!  Okay, correction, 4 seasons of glory, 1 season of disappointment.  But were those 4 years not enough for the club that took residence in my heart?

Like a good fan that lives across the pond, I received an update from Liverpool FC stating that Rafael Benitez and the club will depart ways by mutual consent.  And my first reaction was, "This cannot be right!"  I click the various links of football gossip, the Premier League site, and Liverpool FC's site to find the truth to this.  To my dismal it was true.

It stinks.  I knew Rafa would probably leave this club at one point or another, but never did I expect he depart from the Reds so soon!  Maybe in a couple more years, but 4 seasons of glory was easily erased with a 7th place position by the end of the PL season and an early outting from the UEFA Champions League.  Have you not heard of second chances?  4 great season < 1 dismal one?  That doesn't make proper math sense to me or anyone!  Maybe if the next season was as dismal as the last departing would not be so harsh.  But since those weren't the circumstances, this is just not right in every language football is spoken in.

Now who do we have to pick a new manager for the 2010-11 season?  A Chelsea (scum!) fan?  A banker?  Two Americans who know absolutely nothing about football and apparently business too?!  WHAT HAS MY SPORTS WORLD COME DOWN TO?!

I would now like to take a moment to remember the days of Rafa and the Reds.

In his first season (2004-05) with the English club, he convinced Steven Gerrard not to move to Chelsea (scum!) and stay with the club Stevie G admired and raised him so much.  He may have lost Michael Owen (what a shame) but he got Xabi Alonso!  XABI!  I love Xabi!  And he changed Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher into the great internationals they are today (unfortunate how Sami had to leave though).  Remember that historic (probably epic) 3-0 at HT comeback in the UEFA Champions League against AC Milan in the finals?  If you don't, shame.  If you do, is it smart for Liverpool to have let this man go who helped his team conquer that mountain?  Now, I'd like to turn your attention to a direct quote from that very CL game, from the very man we speak of, to the very team that I love with all my heart, and to the changing room that these words were said.
"Don't let your heads drop.  All the players who go on the pitch after half-time have to keep their heads held high.  We are Liverpool, you are playing for Liverpool.  Do not forget that.  You have to hold your heads high for the supporters.  You have to do it for them.  you cannot call yourselves Liverpoolf players if you have your heads down.  If we create a few chances we have the possibility of getting back into this.  Believe you can do it and we will win.  Give yourselves the chance to be heroes." - Rafael Benitez, HT Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul, 2005/05/25
Those are great words coming from an equally great man.  And we won our 5th European Cup - unheard of practically!

In the season that took place in 2005-06, Rafa made the squad much more historic.  Peter Crouch was signed, Pepe Reina was brought over from Spain, and Daniel Agger was shipped over from Denmark.  Two of them guranteed places in my heart through their personalities and their play.  The other just slipped away from me with his return to Portsmouth.  But apart from those three, Robbie Fowler came back thanks to Rafa!  I was so happy to see that!  I loved Fowler and I still do!  I was just so happy to see him play under the Liverpool crest for at least a season more.

By the end of the season, Rafa and the Reds jumped from their dismal place last season to a great 3rd place spot by the end of it.  But that wasn't the tale.  Rafa brought the FA Cup back to Anfield for the 7th time in its history.  The Reds defeated the Red Devils and the Blues to come face-to-face with the Hammers.  It took PSs, but in the end, Pepe stopped the three shots neccessary and the FA Cup was lifted for Anfield to see.

In 2006-07, he signed one of my favourite current Red, Dirk Kuyt.  And then he won the Community Shield in a 2-1 victory over Chelsea!  It was looking like a great start to the season.  And in the end, it looked like it was going to be as great as the start.  On 23 May 2007, AC Milan and Liverpool met again in the CL finals.  But unlike 2005, the Italians came out ontop from a 2-1 win.

2007-08: the year of Fernando Torres.  Fernando Torres was brought over for a great sum of money, and Yossi Benayoun and Lucas Leiva were signed.  But this was the year that the owners moved over to Tom Hicks and George Gillett.  From my Montreal talks, I think you can tell I hate Gillett basically.  And with Liverpool it was reiterated even more profoundly.  This brought the downfall of the club.

2008-09 we were runner-ups to Manchester United for the PL title.  No silverware, just a second-place finish.  And then 2009-10 the worse finish I can remember.  I was just shocked.

All I'm saying is, Rafa should be the one to go.  THE OWNERS NEED TO CHANGE!!  They can't take care of this club worth jack!  And they're getting rid of Rafa?  They are daft for letting such a great man and manager go.  In all interest of the club and just like every other Kopite out there, Hicks and Gillett need to leave and give this club to a group of owners who know business and football!

Liverpool's press release

Now as the 2010-11 season comes near, there will be no more of this...

And hopefully no placement lower than 6th.

Now who in the world are you having replace my man Benitez?  I know Jose Mourinho is with my Spanish Giants, but who are with my English Giants?

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