Les nouvelles

  • NBA Finals:
    • Boston/LAL: WOOOT~!!  A 79-83 win by the LAKERS.  Kobe Bryant picks up his 5th Championship ring (and goes up there with Magic Johnson), the Lakers picked up their 16th championship title, and I picked up $10 off the win!  7 games - WHO CALLED IT?!  Within 5 too!  I am just that good.  BACK-TO-BACK!!  What a win, eh?  A great game that saw many men step up and live up to their big names.  What a game...
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup update:
    • France/Mexico: El Tri shocked Le Bleu with a 2-nil win!  Even I was shocked and I lost my pride bet there.
    • Greece/Nigeria: The Greeks earned a 2-1 win over Nigeria.
    • Argentina/South Korea: La Albiceleste shocked South Korea with a 4-1 win which saw Gonzalo Higuain (WOOT!  Real Madrid pride!) net a hat-trick!
  • This made my jaw drop when I got the text to my phone: Montreal Canadiens have traded Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues for Lars Eller and Ian Schultz.  My reaction: "HELLZ NAW!  DO NOT DO THIS TO ME, GAUTHIER!!"  And as my friend received his text, reality hit me that it was official.  I don't want to cover this in my banter, but OMFG!  NOT WORTH IT!  Could've gotten a better deal...  I still love you Halak!  And I still love you Carey Price (even though I would've loved to keep the both of you)!  Blues, you are bloody lucky.  Canadiens  Blues
    • But in other trade news, the Colorado Avalanche acquired prospect Julian Talbot from the St. Louis Blues.  In exchange for Talbot, the Avs had to say goodbye to TJ Hensick.  Avalanche  Blues
    • The assistant coach of the Minnesota Wild has stepped down from his post.  Mike Ramsay is no longer with the club after a 10 year coaching career with the club.  Wild
    • The New Jersey Devils have a coach now!  After Jacques Lemaire stepped down at the end of the Devils' season, John MacLean has stepped in to fill the head coach's spot.  Devils
    • The Nashville Predators have signed Francis Bouillon to a 2-year deal worth $2.7 million.  TSN
    • Despite not really having an owner, the Phoenix Coyotes continue to sign.  Today, they signed Adrian Aucoin to a 2-year contract worth $4 million.  Coyotes
  • In non-World Cup news, the EPL have announced their 2010-11 schedule!  Premier League

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