TV Guide to the FIFA World Cup

So for all you footy/football/futbol/soccer fans in Canada that don't know where to catch one of the BEST sporting events ever to be created, then look no further, I am your guide!

5:00 PT/8:00 ET on CBC - the World Cup ceremonies.  As crazy as this sounds, I'm getting up at that hour (or pulling an all-nighter depending on math) to watch it.  It's always nice to watch, but the closing ceremonies are the best!

Day 1:
South Africa v. Mexico - 7:00 PT/10:00 ET, CBC (telly & online) (6:45 PT/9:45 ET for the start on CBC)
Uruguay v. France - 11:30 PT/14:30 ET, CBC (11:15 PT/14:15 ET for the CBC start)

The "match of the day" will be replayed on CBC at 16:30 PT/19:30 ET.

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