Finding Some Time

It's funny what immersing yourself in a new environment for a month can do to you.

A month away from my hometown Vancouver, BC has made me love my city all that more, but also how I want to just take everyone that I've found here and pluck them into the world I call home.  The (approximate) month that I have spent here in Jonquière, QB has not only been a blast, but also several memories I will never forget.

In this French province of ours, I have found more than I could ever imagine I would gain from this trip.  Friends, languages, more friends, and best of all, memories were discovered and/or uncovered.  Not only that, but I uncovered a bit more about myself that I never knew.

Even though there are rules, anarchy was created so those rules would be broken.  Now that my trip comes to a near end, I have only one thing (other than finish this trip) to do.

This past month is a month that was too fleeting and whimsical that I can't help but miss somethings.  After my body has recuperated from the time zone change and got relaxed at home, I am to write a story based on what I have gone through.  Skip the boring parts (school, walks, and other boring junk); I'm getting to the stuff everyone likes to hear!

Just you wait people.  Names may or may not be changed, scenarios may or may not be exaggerated, but everything will be based on true events.  And my exaggerations won't go any further than just above normal.

Stay tuned for a tale of the summer!

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