The Start of Something New

Today was the first day of the start of the new Premier League season.  Was it up to what you all expected?

Many pundits have made their predictions for the top 4.  Many guessed that Chelsea, Manchester United will, again, rule the rankings.  Two new comers were predicted: Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.

Personally, I don't want to say that Liverpool will ever be out of the top 4, but if last season was any indication, they may not return to the top 4 in a while.  I don't like it as much as the next Reds fan, but the truth is the truth.  They can surprise us all with a finish near or in the top 4, but I don't think that is so likely.

A welcome is to be issued back to Newcastle and West Bromwich Albion.  After finishing first and second in the Championship, they have returned once more to the Premier League.  Everyone said Newcastle was too good to stay down in the Championship, and now they've returned.

As welcomes are issued out, a goodbye must be said too.  The three to be relegated down are Portmouth, Hull City, and Burnley.  Sucks that it had to be Pompey to go down, but someone has to go down to make room for more.

While Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle still have their games to play, Chelsea set a warning to all teams wanting to take their title as Premier League Champions.  A 6-nil win over the Baggies (West Bromwich) game them the proper welcoming and also showed what the Premier League is up against when they face the Blues.

But there is still the rest of the season to go.

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