Les nouvelles

  • Boston Bruins have extended Patrice Bergeron's contract.  For the next 3 years, Bergeron will play for the Bruins, hitting a cap of $5 million a year.  Bruins
  • Earlier today (or tonight.  It depends on where you are here.) Ondrej Pavelec collapsed on the ice in the opening moments of the season opener for the Washington Capitals and Atlanta Thrashers.  2:25 into the game, Pavelec just lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital for more evaluation.  Even if you aren't a fan of him or Atlanta, please cheer for this goalie's health and wellness.  No matter if you are religious or not, put this man in your prayers because no one deserves to collapse.  Pray for this man and anyone else who this has happened to and has not recovered.  TSN  NHL 
  • The Premier League has accepted the deal between George Hicks and Gillett and the owners of the Boston Red Sox (MLB)!  Liverpool FC is under new ownership people.  I'm ready for a new look of the Reds in a future.  the Premier League

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