Game of the Day (Pt. I)

Liverpool F.C. v. West Ham United ­@ Anfield
3-nil FT

Today, Liverpool faced off with the team at the bottom of the League table.  The Hammers really did not get off the greatest of starts in the Premier.  How did the Hammer supporters take that?

Just 18' into the game, a corner taken connected with Ryan Johnson, and with a good hit with his right boot, he barrelled into the back of the Hammer net.  West Ham just looked bad on it.  It didn't take long for West Ham to give up a penalty kick to the Reds.

At the 27' Dirk Kuyt took a shot from at the penalty spot and converted it into a goal, only 9 minutes later than Johnson's goal.

Another 9 minutes after, Kuyt's penalty shot was followed by another goal.  A great chance from Fernando Torres looked just about ready to score, and forced a save from the Hammers' goalkeeper, Robert Green.  But you can't expect the next person to not score.  Maxi Rodriguez picks up the rebound and buries that into the back of the mesh, where people jumped to their feet in celebration.

But Anfield is not without the opposition's fans.  When everyone was at their feet in celebration for the Reds, Hammer fans started to get up and go out of Anfield.  Usually some of the most dedicated of fans, you start to see some of the falter in the fans who could not stand to see their team to the demise of Liverpool.

This game was over at half-time.  No offence to West Ham, but where in the world were your heads in the first half?  The entire first 45 minutes was spent in one direction, with occasional new wave of direction coming in every so often.  But otherwise it was a Red game.  Coming back from the locker-rooms, the Reds had settled back a bit, but the Hammers got some of their heads back in the game.  At least Robert Green looked a lot better than he did for the 45.

It had taken a while for the Reds to get comfortable with the new system and their new manager, but I think they are looking awfully good now.  Took a bit of time to get settled, but I don't think (at least I hope) that Liverpool will be regulated down to the Championship.  Instead, we are in the top-half of the Premier League table!

Man of the match: Glen Johnson

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