Game of the Night (Pt. III)

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens @ Bell Centre
0-2 Final

After a tribute and moment of silence was paid to Pat Burns (who had coached the two clubs mentioned in his career) and his death (RIP), the rival was revived and the two skated off to prove something to their fans.

The moment the puck dropped the intensity these two teams played with was intoxicating.  The yelling of the fans, the speed of the skaters, and the couple of good scoring chances right off the bat made any spectator want to leap out of their seat and join on in the excitement!  The Leafs always had a knack for pulling out a good game against their bitter rivals.  But after the rush, the Buds dominated in the offensive zone!  About 5 or so shots were from a 3 miute period before the 10-minute mark, helpedthem catch up to the Habs in shots and were damnclose to getting the first goal.

Jonas Gustavsson was bloody brilliant in the first period!  I am the farthest thing from a Buds supporter, but oh my lord, if you saw this game, you'd see why he was nicknamed the Monster!  But Carey Price made a case for himself as well.  If you are a goalie buff, this was the game for you.  These two goalies made brilliant saves!  But al good things come to an end.

Near the half-way mark of the game, the face-off was brought outside of the Leafs' blue-line after their power-play was placed offside.  Jeff Halpern won the face-off so Jaroslav Spacek could shoot the puck down from the point, and Spacek's shot flew through the air towards the net, where Jeff Halpern tips the puck into the back of the Monster's net for a short-handed goal.

The two goalies were bloody brilliant, but in the end Montreal was the better team, getting the most goals and the shut-out.

3 stars:
(1) Carey Price
(2) Jeff Halpern
(3) Michael Cammalleri

My 3 stars:
(1) Carey Price
(2) Jonas Gustavsson
(3) Tomas Plekanec

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