Les nouvelles

  • Guess what LFC haters?  Kenny Daglish is back and he's managing the Reds!!  Whoever knows the Reds as well as they should, who wouldn't be happy to have King Kenny back?  Get it right, get 'er done.  The unveiling in pictures
  • For those who care about Russian atheltes, Russian football, or Russian hockey, linked later on is an interview conducted between Russian footy star Andrei Arshavin (who hasn't been as spectacular as I expected him over in the Premier League) and Alex Ovechkin (who hasn't had a stellar season thus far).  The interview
  • I failed to get this out when it happened.  Brazilian footy star Ronaldinho has signed with Brazil's most popular football club, Flamengo, where he will play for the next four years.  TSN
  • The two teams on the next season of Ultimate Fighter will be coached by Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos.  TSN
  • If you haven't heard, the mayor of Hamilton, Ontario and the Hamilton Tigercats owner Bob Young have agreed on terms about a new stadium.  Actually, they're just going to rebuild what they've already got!  Ticats
  • Gossip time!  If you didn't catch it yet, David and Victoria Beckham are expecting a fourth child!  Kickette

This post was brought to you by Alex Ovechkin partying:

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