Emotional Distress at the Close of the Transfer Window

When the transfer window came to a close on January 31st, I was never expecting who would be the next to be signed by another team.  Adebeyor to Real Madrid, Paulo Da Silva to Real Zaragoza, Paul Konchesky to Forest (loan), Maximilian Haas to Middlesbrough, Ian Ashbee to Preston North End, and Andy Carroll  getting signed by Liverpool are just some of the names going to be at new clubs come this weekend.

But what has really got my knickers in a twist?  If you have been paying mind to the transfer window, then you would notice I left out one major name from the club I holdest dearest to my heart (that's Liverpool for all those that don't know).

Warning: this is a mini rant of mine.

Fernando Torres

That name in red is the name that got me in tears in the middle of class earlier Monday.  I had heard the rumours (and played the "deny till you die" game) of the transfer being done, but I am one of those that don't believe anything until the evidence is laid out in front of them, spelling the answer out.  In the middle of class I get the tweet and the evidence from my teacher that Fernando Torres had been signed by Chelsea FC after a £50 million deal was made between the two clubs.

If you don't get what the big deal is (please, watch some footy for a season) let me lay out for you.

I am and have been a Liverpool FC supporter since I was a kid.  Maybe some odd 14 years or so now I've been a fan.  With the Red territory came the hate for two clubs: Manchester United and Everton FC.  But that hate for two has fostered into four: the former two, Manchester City, and Chelsea FC.  Yes, Chelsea.

Since the day El Niño stepped onto the big boy stage with Atlético Madrid, I was mesmerized by his skill, footwork, and artistic capabilities on the pitch.  Sure, I was a Real Madrid supporter, but I could always appreciate great skill, especially at the young age Torres was at the time.  The trade was then made for him to come to Anfield and I was overly ecstatic!  I could cheer for the man that made me stare unblinkingly at the telly when he touched the football or was about to score a goal!  And he would be scoring goals for the club I love instead of against it!  If it isn't obvious, I was more than überly excited and happy to see Torres with the Reds.

He started his season with such gusto and amazing capabilities!  Every time he touched the ball or received a pass, all eyes would be upon him.  Torres was just that magical and magnetic.  Slowly over time injuries and a bad Liverpool squad wore away at him, but he still found success at other places - with the Spanish NT.

With "La furia roja" I could openly express my love for the freckled Spaniard with no holding back!  And I did.  I wore my jersey proud, I cheered for him with glee and gusto, and I celebrated with him when he scored.  And when Spain raised both the Euro Cup and their first FIFA trophy, I was all in tears and loved every man on that squad to bits and pieces!

But now that Torres is with Chelsea, I don't know how I will feel.  He expressed his love for the club and how much Liverpool was his home.  Why did you go?!  First Xabi left after his said "love and devotion" to the Liverpool club and the Kopites.  Albiol also left us and so did other names.  Next thing you know, Pepe Reina will leave!  Maybe even Steven Gerrard will go!  Okay, the latter probably wouldn't happen, but I'm in hysterics and Torres meant a lot to me being with Liverpool and the Spanish NT!  Now that he's gone from one, my heart is torn.

What do I do with the Liverpool jersey that I have that still reads 'Carlsberg' on the front (the best name to have on the front, I say) and 'Torres 9' on the back?  What do I do with the poster of Torres in his first year with Liverpool against my wall?  I can't wear you for I will be supporting Chelsea, but I want to support you no matter what!  You make this hard on me, mate, but that's football and I guess I'll just have to ignore the fact of who you are when Chelsea comes into my attention.  (It's not like I already ignore the club.)

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