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I guess 13 is a bit of our lucky number.  Why?  On Day 13, Canada won a slew of medals, and only two medal events of the day didn't see a Canadian on the podium.

Day 13: 24 February -Annihilation!

One of the two events where Canada didn't win a medal was the men's 4x10 kilometre cross-country relay.  That did see some other countries medal though.  Sweden's team of Daniel Rickardsson, Johan Olsson, Anders Södergren, and Marcus Hellner finished just 15.9 seconds (1:45:05.4) before the silver medalists.  The silver went to Norway and Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeset, Lars Berger, and Petter Northug at 1:45:21.3.  Just 0.6 after Norway (1:45:21.9), the Czechs came in bearing names like Martin Jaks, Lukás Bauer, Jirí Magál, and Martin Koukal.

The other event that Canada didn't see a medal in was the women's aerials.  The girl from Down Under, Lydia Lassila, took gold with a total score of 214.74.  The Chinese came in well behind Lassila with a couple of medalling women. The first of the Chinese was Li Nina and her score of 207.23; the second Chinese woman was Guo Xinxin and her score of 205.22.  But let's talk about Canada, eh?

In the women's 5000 metre speed skating event, an awesome woman and Olympian ended her Winter Olympic career with a bang.  She may not have won gold (that went to the Czechs' Martina Sáblíková and her time of 6:50.92) and she may not have won silver (Germany's Stephanie Beckert at 6:51.39 won that) but she defintely won bronze!  Canada's very own summer and winter Olympian Clara Hughes ends her speed skating career with a bronze medal and her time of 6:55.73.

The speed skating and the love didn't stop there!  In the short track, women's 3000 metre relay saw Canada move up in the medal rankings.  China won another medal with their team of Sun Linlin, Wang Meng, Zhang Hui, and Zhou Yang at the golden time of 4:06.610.  Our rivals from the south (USA) came in at 4:14.081.  The ones who won the bronze was Allison Baver, Alyson Dudek, Lana Gehring, and Katherine Reutter.  The Canadian team of Jessica Gregg, Kalyna Roberge, Marianne St-Gelais, and Tania Vicent won silver at 4:09.137.  Amongst the glory there was the ugly.  The team from South Korea was disqualified due to illegal contact with one of the Chinese skaters.  Too bad for them, eh?

And then the gold (and the silver) came.  In the two-woman bobsleigh, Canada took two medals: the gold and silver.  The gold was won by Kaillie Humphries & Heather Moyse and their time of 3:32.28.  Silver was won by their teammates, Helen Upperton & Shelly-Ann Brown, setting a time just nearly a second after Moyse & Humphries (3:33.13).  USA rounded up the medal house with a 3:33.40 time from Erin Pac & Elana Meyers.

All of those would be lightly shadowed by the EPIC WIN OF TEAM CANADA AGAINST THE RUSSIANS!!  The game finished with a blazing and brilliant score of 7-3 for Canada!  This was a match-up that many Canadians and Russians wanted for the finals, but this was set to be like it.  It was a do-or-die game; you win and you get to move on, and if you lose, you're outta there!  The two largest hockey powerhouses in the world made many hockey fans stop and stare but the country that called the game theirs came out on top.  And yes, it is our game!

The entire game:

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