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The ninth day of competition was highlighted by pairs of skis and pairs of speed skating skates.  Who reeled in the medals?

Day 9: 20 February - Surprise, Surprise

In the women's super-G alpine skiing event, the Americans continued to bring in the medals, but not of the gold variety.  The gold was won by Andrea Fischbacher of Austira at 1:20.14.  Slovenia's Tina Maze took the silver at a slower time of 1:20.63. Then the American Lindsey Vonn summed up the medals with the bronze at 1:20.88

The men's cross-country 30 kilometre pursuit took place as well and saw Sweden's Marcus Hellner take the gold at 1:15:11.4.  Thirty kms were conquered secondly by Tobias Angerer of Germany 2.1 seconds after Hellner's time.  The whole medal race was finished by Johan Olsson of Germany 0.9 seconds after his fellow German teammate.

The final ski event saw a record be set.  At the large hill individual ski jump event Austria's Gregor Schlierenzauer took bronze with a score of 262.2 while the silver was awarded to Adam Malysz of Poland and his score of 269.4.  Switerland's Simon Ammann and his score of 283.6 took the gold and set a new record.  Not only was he the first man to win two golds in the individual normal hill event in two different Olympics, but he also became the most decorated Swiss Olympian athlete of all time with this gold.

From the powder to the speed track, the medals continued to rain.  The lone women's short track speed skating event (the women's 1500 metre) took place and saw the Asians bring in the medals.  China's Zhou Yang took gold with a zippy time of 2:16.993 followed by South Korea's Lee Eun Byul and Park Seung Hi coming in at 2:17.849 and 2:17.927.

The two men's events (short track 1000 metres and the 1500 metres) each saw an American medal and adding to their grand medal total.  In the short track 1000 metres, South Korea's Lee Jung Su and Lee Ho Suk took gold and silver with fractional differences!  Jung Su came in at 1:23.747 and Ho Suk came in at 1:23.801!  But let's not leave out the bronze medalist, eh?  American speed skating special Apolo Anton Ohno came in third with a 1:24.128 finish.  The 1500 metres event saw Mark Tuitert of Holland took the gold at 1:45.57.  The silver medalist and bronze medalist had a time difference of 0.03.  Shani Davis took the silver at 1:46.10 whilst bronze was snatched up by Norweigian Havard Bokko at 1:46.13.

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