Les nouvelles

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Philadelphia Flyers have agreed on a trade.  The Leafs have traded away Kris Versteeg for a first-round and a third-round draft pick in the upcoming 2011 Draft.  Versteeg will still wear the #32 on his sweater with the Flyers.  (Source: Twitter [@TSNBobMcKenzie]) Flyers
  • I mentioned yesterday that Brazilian football legend Ronaldo will be retiring.  Here is the story by TSN: link
  • And on the note of retirement, Peter Forsberg has retired after 13 seasons in the NHL and two overseas.  Forsberg attempted a comback this season - having played two games with the Colorado Avalanche - but has realised that it was "selfish of [him]" and has called it quits.  Avalanche

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