Les nouvelles

  • Injury update!  Andrew Alberts of the Vancouver Canucks successfully underwent wrist surgery and will be out 6-8 weeks.  Canucks
    • The Colorado Avalanche's Matt Duchene will be out indefinitely with a hand injury he sufferred in the game against the Calgary Flames on Monday.  Avalanche
    • The Anaheim Ducks have placed Jonas Hiller on the IR due to the recurrence of dizziness and fatigue that he's been feeling since the All-Star break.  He will miss the next three games for certain and will be able to come back to play on February 21.  Ducks
    • This isn't player related but it concerns the fans of the Chicago Blackhawks.  Head coach Joel Quenneville is reported to be in stable condition after being admitted to hospital with an undisclosed illness.  TSN 
  • Trade news!  The Anaheim Ducks and the Montreal Canadiens have struck a deal!  Paul Mara returns to Montreal in exchange for 5th-round pick in the 2012 draft.  Ducks, Canadiens (French)

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