Let's Set Your Heart on Fire

Though many of us Canadians may not be happy about this, the United States had a "Gold Rush" day.
Day 6: 17 February - A Day for Our Neighbours Down South

The gold medals for the States all started on the mountain in the alpine skiing women's downhill event.  Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso of the USA won both gold and silver respectively with a time of 1:44.19 and 1:44.75.  Austria couldn't be left out though, as their female skier, Elisabeth Görgl, won bronze with a time of 1:45.65.  These two medals were just the start of the day for the USA.

But those two previous medals will be the only medals the Americans will win in the skiing field for the day.  The podium at the cross-country skiing men's sprint event was dominated by the Russians.  Both Russia's Nikita Kriukov and Alexander Panzhinskiy, both with a time of 3:36.3, won gold and silver followed by Norway's Petter Northug coming in at 3:45.5.

In the women's sprint, the Europeans would continue to display their speed.  Marit Bjorgen of Norway stole gold with a time of 3:39.2; Poland's Justyna Kowalczyk took silver with 3:40.3; and Slovenian skier Petra Majdic went home with bronze and a time of 3:41.0.  Majdic's medal was Slovenia's first medal in cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics.  She won it despite sustaining five broken ribs and pneumothorax during warm-up.

Europeans continued to collect the medals in the luge doubles event.  The Linger brothers (Andreas Linger and Wolfgang Linger) defended their Torino 2006 gold medal with another gold at the Vancouver 2010 games with a total time of 1:22.705.  The silver medal was won by another pair of brothers, this time coming from Latvia.  Andris Sics and Juris Sics came in second, clocking a total time of 1:22.969.  Germany's Patric Leitner and Alexander Resch won bronze at 1:23.040.

Let's take it to the rink, shall we?  At the short track speed skating women's 500 metre event, there was a birthday to be had.  Would the birthday girl get gold?  Would she even medal?  Right away, the Canadian birthday girl didn't win gold.  Instead, it went to China's Wang Meng with her crossing line in 43.048 seconds.  Bronze was awarded to Italy's Arianna Fontana and her time of 43.804.  So who won silver?  Canada's birthday girl Marianna St-Gelais took home the silver at just 20-years-old and a quick time of 43.707 seconds.  Way to celebrate a birthday, eh?

The gold rush would continue for the USA at the track.  In the men's 1000 metre speed skating event, Shani Davis of the USA took home the gold at a time of 1:08.94.  Silver was swept up by South Korea's Mo Tae Bum (1:09.12), followed by Davis's fellow Team USA teammate Chad Hedrick (1:09.32) who took the bronze.

Besides St-Gelais's birthday and her silver present, the talk of the town was all about the men's halfpipe snowboarding event.  Now I'm a very proud Canadian (just look at my window during the Christmas Holidays), but I've been a fan of this guy since his professional debut at 17-years-old in the 2003 Winter X Games (I love the X Games - both winter and summer!)  It was no question why I was glued to the screen during his run in the halfpipe and for good reason!  USA's Shaun White took home the gold in the only way the Flying Tomato knows how!  The gold medal was proudly and undoubtedly handed to him after he preformed the infamous double McTwist 1260 in his second run, which earned him the highest score of the event 48.4!  He was the last boarder to make his second run, and despite no one defeating his first run's score, he just had to outdo himself.  Finland's Peetu Piiroinen took the silver with his second run's score of 45.0 and White's boarding teammate Scotty Lago took the bronze with his first run's score of 42.8.

Sorry Canada, but Shaun White stole Day 6 from EVERYONE!

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