Now It Sounds So Beautiful

(For the next 17 days I will give each day a song and put the video up.  Expose y'all to some music you [hopefully] haven't heard yet.)

Around 365 days ago my hometown and favourite city Vancouver, BC was the focus of the entire world.  Unless you lived under a boulder for the past year you would know that the focus was on this gorgeous city I call home due to the 2010 Olympic games!  

Those 17 days of sport, spirit, nationalism, cheer, and plethoras of great memories gave us all one reason to cheer, be happy, and every for the same reason.  A year after the fact, those games have been dubbed "The Golden Games" in Canadian media because they were exactly golden.  The type of golden you like to see your banana muffins at when you pull them out of the oven.

But all great memories start at one place.  You gotta crawl before you run, but even before that you gotta be born before you make a movement.

Day 1: 12 February 2010 - Black Band of Honour

The first day did not get off to the best of starts.  On a practice run, Nodar Kumaritashvili flew off of his luge board, off of the track, and landed to the side of the track.  This fly off of the track eventually ended Kumaritashvili's life and brought all the attention on Vancouver in a bad way.
The track was seen as too dangerous, too fast, and too treacherous to be allowed at the games.  The track was eventually altered to be slower and safer for the rest of the Olympians.

Despite this bitter note to start on, the games would not be dampened by this event.  The opening ceremonies continued on and still brought smiles and joy to many participants (including fans, athletes, volunteers, and various other bodies associated to the games).  The Canadian culture was displayed beautifully beyond words.  From the strong First Nation culture on the West to the strong Celtic culture on the Maritimes, various terrains, cultures, and heritages were displayed during the opening ceremony.

The Olympic Flame finally made its way into town and to the stadium where the internal torch was lit, followed by the exterior torch for the public to see and marvel at.  One of the truest of Canadians and one of the Canadians everyone will honour for the years to come, Wayne Gretzky lit the outdoors torch through the rain and a drive.

There were the technical difficulties, but who are we to care when there are 16 other days to enjoy!

If you are in the Vancouver area (or can come to Vancouver) come back here, enjoy your time!  You will 16 more days to relive those days that happened a year ago.  Bring back the spirit, bring back the joy, and bring back what formed Canada to what it is today!  Bring all of the 13 provinces and territories together again!

A spoken word from one of my favourite spoken word poets, Shane Koyczan.  This is his poem We Are More (the extended version).

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