Won't You Sing With Me?

There were only four events being completed on the eleventh day of competition.  But only one event stood out to make the Canadians the proudest of the proud.

Day 11: 22 February - Flying Like a Canadian Goose

Of all four events that saw medals rewarded, only one saw Canada medal.  But Germany had a good day, earning a medal in the other three events.

The German gold was won in the women's cross-country team sprint.  The team of Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle & Claudia Nystad took 18:03.7 to win gold, but were closely followed by the two teams that finished after them.  Sweden's pair of Charlotte Kalla & Anna Haag won silver at 18:04.3 and the Russian pair of Irina Khazva & Natalya Korostelyova finished bronze at 18:07.7.

The men's cross-country team sprint saw the Germans take one of their two silvers of the day.  Team Tim Tscharnke & Axel Teichmann finished good and quick enough to win silver at 19:02.3.  Gold was 0.7 seconds faster.  Oystein Pettersen & Petter Northug of Norway took that golden medal.  Hot on Germany's tailcoats was Russia's Nikolay Morilov & Alexey Petukhov pair who finished 0.2 seconds after the Germany pair.

The second of the before mentioned silver medals that were won by Germany occurred at the men's ski jump large hill team event.  The team of Michael Neumayer, Andreas Wank, Martin Schmitt, and Michael Uhrmann (Germany) were the ones to win silver with a score of 1035.8.  Many points ahead them in the golden first place position was Austria's team of Wolfgang Loitzl, Andrea Kofler, Thomas Morgenstern, and Gregor Schlierenzauer with a score of 1107.9, 72.1 points ahead of silver (and 76.6 ahead of bronze).  Subsequently, the Norwegian team of Anders Bardal, Tom Hilde, Johan Remen Evensen, and Anders Jacobsen were the ones to win bronze with a score of 1030.3.

The event many Canadians will remember until their next gold is the event of the ice dance (my favourite figure skating event in the Olympics).  The Russian pair of Oksana Domnina & Maxim Shabalin sealed the bronze medal for their country with a total score of 207.64.  They were quite a way's away from silver medalists Meryl Davis & Charlie White of USA, who had a score of 215.74 after their three dances.  But the American pair were outdanced by their good friends from up north (I kid you not, they are good friends), Canadian ice dance duo Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir!  The pair from Ontario wowed the audience in many international competitions but Olympic gold would've sealed their status as ice dance greats.  They pulled out all the stops in the compulsory dance and made everyone stop and stare at their original dance, but they were just magnificent in their free dance where they flew like the Canadian geese.  After making the international audiences stop breathing and stare unblinkingly at their routines, the Canadian pair won their nation's first medal - let alone the first gold - of the ice dancing event with their score of 221.57.  That's going to be hard to beat.

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